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Wellest app for iOS displaying the Daily Planner screen showing how you're tracking against your nutrition and activity plan.
Wellest | Your AI health COACH

Coaching & Plans
Unique to You

Wellest is the AI Coach that optimizes your nutrition and activity around your lifestyle, taking the guesswork out of managing your health

Wellest app for iOS displaying the Goal Start screen showing how your weight. lean mass, and fat mass change over time..
Simple & Powerful

The Perfect Pair
Human + Artificial Intelligence

The Perfect Plan,
Personalized by AI

Start from Optimal, Stay at Optimal
Wellest tracks your measurements and plan compliance to create a personalized model of how your body responds to food and activity and continually adapts your plan to maximize progress at a sustainable pace.

Forget your lunch or reschedule a trip to the gym?
Our AI coach automatically updates in the moment to keep you on plan.

Or maybe you're on vacation?
Guilt-free flexibility to eat what you want and adjust your activities.

Human Support,
Answers Beyond AI

Struggled in the past to stick to a plan?
Our human support team is available on demand to motivate you and keep you accountable to achieve your goals.

Not sure which goal is right for you?
We will help you translate everything from, "I want to wake up feeling better" to "I'd like to hike up Half Dome in Yosemite", into a Wellest goal.

Headed on a trip and want to stay on plan?
Reach out to us for help adapting your plan to unfamiliar circumstances where you're not sure what equipment or food you'll have available to you.

Curated Recipes & Flexible Food,
Always Fit to Your Macros

Need inspiration?
Wellest recipes are designed to scale quantities and swap ingredients to automatically fit your dietary needs, while maintaining their flavor profile.

Have an allergen, sensitivity or preference?
No foods are off limits here. Except the ones you choose. Set your nutrition restrictions and your recipes will adapt to avoid conflicts.

Don't have the ingredients or ordering in?
Quickly make changes and let Wellest fit the food you have on-hand into a meal that hits your targets. Automatic, instant, and easy.

Guaranteed Results

Each month is a new commitment to your success.
Make progress each and every month from here to your Goal You.

Get Lean, And Muscular, At the Same Time.
Wellest is the only way to Improve your body just the way you want.  Set your Goal Leanness and Goal Muscularity separately and then make progress on both goals at the same time. It's time to go beyond just "more, less, or the same".

Achieve the Goal You. Then Stay There.
You choose where you're going and when to pause, stop, or push forward. Wellest helps you maintain with the least effort and most flexibility. Never plateau. Never yo-yo. Never again.
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